Blazen in een digitale alcoholtester meten is weten


Handy breathalyser that very quickly detect the alcohol in the breath.


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Alcoholtester AF-33C, Alcoholtester, AlcoFind, AlcosafeDigital breathalyser - AF-33C
Digitale alcoholtester CA10FSDigital breathalyser - CA10FS
NIEUW - CA30FL - Digitale alcoholtester met kalibratiereminderDigital breathalyser with Calibration Reminder - CA30FL
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Digitale alcoholtester CA20FDigital breathalyser - CA20F
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Dräger Alcotest® A4000Digital breathalyser - Dräger Alcotest® A4000
Dräger Alcotest® A6000Digital breathalyser - Dräger Alcotest® A6000
Wegwerp Alcoholtest - AlcosafeDe wegwerp Alcoholtest
AlcoSafe Gift CardsAlcoSafe Gift Cards
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Amelie Vande Walle

Ortho Walle

As a responsible employer, I think it is important that our employees return home safely. This alcohol tester helps us with that.

Driss K.

Private user

I bought this alcohol tester for private use and I am very happy with it! Thanks for the extra mouthpieces. I use it regularly and the results are convenient. I definitely recommend this AF33C tester!

Bart Cools

Must have

This alcohol tester is a must-have for any professional driver. Accurate and reliable.

Karin Jansen

Road safety expert

I've been using this alcohol tester for a few months now and I'm really happy with my purchase. It is easy to use and always reliable. What I also like is that I can go to the company for calibration, so that I can always be sure that the results are accurate. I would definitely recommend this alcohol tester to other professionals.

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