Disposable breathalyser - single use (per 10 pieces)

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Disposable Alcohol Test or Ethylo Test for single use (recommended to have at least 2 pieces).


Limit: 0.22mg/l exhaled alveolar air which corresponds to 0.5‰.

LeBallon works very simply: remove the tube from the edge of the balloon, inflate the balloon, compress and connect the tube and push the air in the balloon through the tube. Within a minute you can read the result from the discoloration of the crystals. If the white crystals turn red, you are above the limit value. Even with very little discoloration.
The manufacturer Contralco specializes in the production of disposable alcohol testers and is the European market leader. In comparative studies by consumer organizations, LeBallon consistently comes out on top. This disposable alcohol tester is certified according to the latest strict French quality standards NF X 20-702 of 2014. 

Why use a one-time test from Contralco?
  • Accurate: certified according to NF 2014, very low margin of error
  • Reliable: no failures, due to strict NF standards
  • Chrome-free: Since September 2017, every chemical alcohol tester must be REACH compliant. Contralco meets this requirement.
  • Hygienic and safe: single use, individually packaged, no contact between user and crystal tube.
  • Cheap: low purchase price, no maintenance or calibration required, no batteries required.
  • Easy to use: clear, simple instructions for use
  • Easy to carry: smaller than a pack of cigarettes.
  • Suitable for promotional purposes
  • French packaging
Extra information
LeBallon is intended for both private and professional use. Customers who use these disposable alcohol testers include police, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, oil companies, transport companies, security firms, event organizers, department stores, car centers, kiosks, gas stations, etc.


Product code CONTR
Recommended users companies and SMEs, cafes and restaurants, drivers, discos, doctors, drinks centers, festivals, general public, hospitals and clinics, in the Collective Labor Agreement 100 framework, youth movements, medical centers, organizers, parents, personal use, prevention workers, private individuals of young to old, professional drivers, driving schools, schools, transport sector, demanding private individuals, self-test
Brand Contralco
BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) No
Accuracy No
Blow time blow up a balloon
Alert level 0.5 ‰ or 0.22 mg/l
Alarm signal Visual discoloration
Certificate CE, NF
Colour White
Sensor type Chemical sensor
Guarantee No
Auto Power Off No
Power supply No
Pre workout No
Batteries included No
Low battery indication No
Screen No
Calibration No
Dimensions 18.5 x 23 cm
Free mouthpieces supplied No
Made in France
Display No
Display language No
Expected delivery time

1 - 3 Business Days

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