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The expert in alcohol testers

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The expert in alcohol testers

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I come back every year to have my tester calibrated and it always goes perfectly!

Sarah Clymans

Here at Marx we can no longer do without it. Alcosafe has always been very correct.

Gildo Oliveira

In addition to our mouthpieces that we order now and then, we also receive an annual reminder to calibrate our device.

Fien Degroote

Outstanding service! Useful information, very fast delivery and excellent after-sales service. Every question is answered almost immediately. Thank you!

Marie Martens

I was allowed to die at his house myself, very nice!

Bert Leroy

I bought my Dräger device at AlcoSafe and I must say that we have really become a fan of this device!

Alexander The Master

How does such an alcohol tester work?

The alcohol tester decomposes

Each digital alcohol tester has its own characteristics, but these are the most important ones to take into account when making your choice


Displays simple instructions such as "Ready to blow", "Please wait", etc. Easily read your test results. Thanks to the bright screen.


This should be blown up. Easy to remove and replace with a new mouthpiece. For hygienic reasons, the mouthpiece can best be replaced when changing persons.

On off switch

Press and hold (3 seconds) to power on and power off. Forgot to submit? Don't worry, the device will turn off automatically after a few seconds. Never an empty battery!

The electrochemical sensor

The heart of the tester, you can't see it but it is crucial and will determine (depending on the price) how quickly and accurately the tester measures

Guy Platteau oprichter en promotor van AlcoSafe de expert in ademtesters


Guy Plateau

My personal mission is to market high-quality alcohol testers and their accessories and to offer optimal after-sales service. So that customers can test themselves or others, so that we can work together on a safer society, both in traffic and in the workplace. By better estimating potential risks through self-testing.


"Focusing on changing behavior towards alcohol (mis)use."


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