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A lot is possible at AlcoSafe. Therefore, please contact us for specific questions or, for example, large purchases. We will then be happy to help you further.

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We have a clear vision in which we focus on changing behavior with regard to alcohol (mis)use.

We focus on behavioral change and the long term. The government and social media are great tools to implement our awareness program (and products).

As every family has a fever thermometer in the house, an alcohol tester should also be present in every family, that is our conviction!

Our webshop doesn't just dump breath testers on the market. You can buy an alcohol tester quickly and safely online in our webshop! Taking an alcohol test has never been so easy and reliable.
Our wide range certainly contains the alcohol tester you need. Simply put, a breathalyzer is a tool to find out how high your alcohol level is. But as with any product, one alcohol tester is not the other. Which breathalyzer are you going to buy? A digital device or a disposable test? How accurate do you want the test? Read all about it and make your choice.

Why you should buy your digital alcohol tester from us? Because we calibrate every tester the moment it is sold. The zero point of an alcohol tester shifts, even if it is unsold in the box. Calibration is basically fine-tuning the sensor against the zero point. That is our strongest asset!

"Measuring is knowing"

Now take an alcohol test yourself and you will know in a few moments how you are doing. Fast and discreet.

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