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Belangrijke wijzigingen in alcoholcontrolebeleid

Major changes to alcohol control policy

From May 1, drivers no longer have to wait 15 minutes for a breath test. Devices can now automatically detect mouth alcohol. The minimum volume of exhaled air will also be reduced to 1.2 liters in ...

AlcoholcontroleNieuwe Wet in België: Kwartier Uitstel Vragen bij Alcoholcontrole Verboden!

New Law in Belgium: 15 Minutes Delay Questions for Alcohol Control Forbidden!

A new law is being introduced in Belgium that abolishes the right to request a fifteen-minute delay in alcohol checks. Thanks to advanced technology in blow devices, checks can now b...

Het tegengaan van alcoholmisbruik met behulp van alcoholtesters

Combating alcohol abuse with the help of alcohol testers

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem in our society. Many people suffer from alcohol addiction and it can lead to health problems, social problems and even work problems. Companies may also encounter...

Waarom bedrijven alcoholtesters zouden moeten inzetten om personeel te controleren

Why companies should use alcohol testers to check staff

The use of alcohol testers can help ensure the safety and well-being of employees, increase productivity and prevent reputational damage. As a company, it is important to consider using alcohol tes...


The latest news and facts about alcohol testers!


From June 1, 2023 from 1.5‰ to 1.2‰: explained

If you have been drinking alcohol and get behind the wheel, you now run a greater risk of having your driver's license revoked more quickly. From 1 June 2023, the threshold value for immediate wit...


Zero tolerance ?

Zero tolerance policy is a policy where no alcohol is allowed for drivers who are under a certain age or who have recently obtained their driver's license. This means that if you fall under this g...

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