Why companies should use alcohol testers to check staff

Waarom bedrijven alcoholtesters zouden moeten inzetten om personeel te controleren

When it comes to the safety and well-being of employees, many companies take preventative measures to minimize risks. It is therefore no surprise that more and more companies are purchasing alcohol testers to monitor their employees for alcohol consumption in the workplace.

Here are some reasons why companies should consider using alcohol testers:

1. Reduce the risk of accidents

It is a well-known fact that alcohol consumption can significantly affect the ability to perform. In some cases this can lead to workplace accidents. The use of alcohol testers can help reduce the risk of accidents by ensuring employees are not intoxicated while at work.

2. Increase productivity

Employees under the influence of alcohol are not only more prone to accidents, but also tend to be less productive. Using alcohol testers can help increase productivity by ensuring employees focus on their work and complete their tasks efficiently.

3. Provide a safe working environment

The presence of employees under the influence of alcohol can be a danger to other employees in the workplace. The use of alcohol testers can help create a safe work environment by preventing employees from coming to work under the influence.

4. Prevent reputational damage

When an accident or incident occurs as a result of alcohol consumption in the workplace, it can damage the company's reputation. The use of alcohol testers can help prevent this by ensuring that employees under the influence do not do any work and do not compromise workplace safety.

5. Comply with regulations

Some industries, such as construction or transportation, have strict regulations when it comes to alcohol consumption in the workplace. The use of alcohol testers can help to comply with these regulations and ensure that the company does not face fines or sanctions for failure to comply with these regulations.


The use of alcohol testers can help ensure the safety and well-being of employees, increase productivity and prevent reputational damage. As a company, it is important to consider purchasing alcohol testers to check whether employees are not under the influence while at work.

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