Major changes to alcohol control policy

Belangrijke wijzigingen in alcoholcontrolebeleid
From May 1, the policy regarding alcohol checks will undergo an important change. Drivers will no longer be asked to wait 15 minutes before taking a breath test. This waiting period was once intended to reduce the effect of 'mouth alcohol' - the residual alcohol that may still be present in the mouth shortly after drinking, which can affect breath test results. According to the FPS Mobility, the latest devices are now able to automatically detect and neutralize mouth alcohol, eliminating the need for a waiting period. From July, the minimum volume of exhaled air will also be reduced from 1.9 to 1.2 liters. The aim of this is to reduce the number of times that the police have to call a doctor to take a blood sample, especially when the minimum volume is not reached. These measures are designed to increase the efficiency of breathalyzer tests, allowing police to carry out more checks within the same time period. This will not only contribute to increased road safety, but also to a more effective approach to alcohol-related risks on the road.

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