What is the maximum you can blow?

Wat mag je maximaal blazen?

The maximum amount of alcohol you can have in your blood when behind the wheel varies per country. In many countries the limit is around 0.5‰ or 0.8‰ blood alcohol (BAC).

In Belgium, the limit is 0.5‰ BAC.

In France, the limit is 0.5‰ BAC.

In the Netherlands, 0.5‰ BAC.

In Germany, 0.5‰ BAC for drivers of motor vehicles and 0.3‰ BAC for drivers of motorcycles and mopeds.

In Italy, the limit is 0.5‰ BAC for drivers of motor vehicles and 0.2‰ BAC for drivers of motorcycles and mopeds.

It is important to know that in some countries, such as Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and France, there are stricter rules for novice drivers, such as young drivers and drivers who have only recently obtained their driving license. A zero-tolerance policy often applies to this group of drivers, which means that they are not allowed to drink alcohol before driving.

Also be careful if you have a professional profession as a taxi, bus driver, etc. The rules are even stricter (= 0.2‰ BAC or zero tolerance).

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