Can you manipulate a breathalyzer?

Kan je een blaastest manipuleren?

Manipulating a breathalyzer is a serious problem that can lead to incorrect results. There are several methods that people can use to manipulate a breathalyzer, such as using products to reduce the alcohol content in the breath or manipulating the device itself.

One of the most common methods is using mouthwashes or breath mints specifically designed to reduce the alcohol content in the breath. These products contain ingredients that help neutralize the alcohol in the breath, making the test result lower than the actual amount of alcohol in the blood.

There are also products specifically aimed at manipulating the bladder, such as artificial urine or urine additives. These products can be used to manipulate the urine test and thus reduce blood alcohol levels.

Manipulating the device itself is another method that is sometimes used. This can be done by altering or sabotaging the device or by attempting to influence the trial by, for example, making a diversionary maneuver.

It is important to know that tampering with a breathalyzer test is a criminal offense and can lead to serious consequences, such as fines, imprisonment or even loss of driving licence. It is therefore best to always be honest and not attempt to manipulate the test.

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