How accurate is an alcohol meter?


Alcohol meters, also known as alcohol testers, are instruments used to measure the alcohol content in the breath. The accuracy of these devices can vary depending on several factors.

The most commonly used alcohol meters are the so-called "portable" alcohol meters that are used during traffic checks and in the private sphere. however, these are often less accurate than professional alcohol meters used in police and hospital settings. This is because professional alcohol meters are often maintained and calibrated, while portable alcohol meters often are not.

However, there are also other factors that can affect the accuracy of an alcohol meter, such as the way the test is performed, the user of the test and the specific properties of the device.

For example, the use of an alcohol meter can be influenced by breathing temperature or the use of certain products such as mouthwashes or breath mints. Failure to perform the test correctly, such as not waiting 20 minutes after eating or smoking, can also affect accuracy.

It is therefore important to always check whether an alcohol meter has been properly maintained and calibrated in a timely manner and to perform the test correctly. If there are any doubts about the accuracy of an alcohol meter, it is advisable to perform a second test with a different device.

AlcoSafe guarantees the accuracy of our alcohol meters when you have us perform regular maintenance and calibration. This allows you to be sure that your results are reliable.

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