Alcohol test required in France?

Alcoholtest Frankrijk verplicht?

In France, it is mandatory to undergo an alcohol test if you are arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. The police can perform an alcohol test during a traffic stop or after an accident. If the test shows that you have consumed too much alcohol, you may be arrested and prosecuted for drunk driving.

The legal limit for blood alcohol content in France is 0.5‰ BAC for drivers of motor vehicles and 0.2‰ BAC for drivers of motorcycles and mopeds. This is lower than the limit in some other countries.

In France there are also stricter rules for novice drivers, such as young drivers and drivers who have only recently obtained their driver's license. A zero-tolerance policy applies to this group of drivers, which means that they may not have consumed alcohol before driving.

It is also important to know that French law also stipulates that the police have the obligation to take an alcohol test if suspected of driving under the influence, refusing a test can lead to serious consequences such as fines, imprisonment, or even losing of the driving licence.

The disposable testers (with an NF quality mark and within the expiry date stated on the packaging) (two pieces) are in principle still mandatory, but no fine will be given for this if you cannot present them.

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