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Never before so early BOB checks

Nog nooit zo vroeg BOB controles

BRUSSELS - The BOB campaign against alcohol in traffic will start earlier than usual this year-end. The campaign will also last longer. The federal police confirm this to VTM NIEUWS. From the end of next week, drunk drivers will be hunted. In previous years, those extra checks only started in mid-December.

During the BOB campaign, this year from November 29 to January 27, the police want to check 250,000 drivers. The campaign will therefore last eight weeks instead of six weeks.

From the end of next week, the police will therefore be extra hunting for drunk drivers. In previous years, these extra checks only started in mid-December.

'It is true that at the beginning of December there are a number of parties, such as Sint-Elooi, Sint-Barbara and Sinterklaas festivities, which are organized. And it is our intention that with this BOB campaign we actually cover the entire 2-month festive period with checks', says Kristof De Pauw of the federal road police.

Source: Het

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