134 drivers a day are banned from driving

134 chauffeurs per dag krijgen rijverbod

In 2011, the police imposed temporary driving bans on drivers who were driving under the influence 48,778 times, or an average of 134 per day. That is a slight decrease compared to 2010 (51,608) and 2009 (49,601), according to figures from Minister of the Interior Joëlle Milquet.

Anyone with between 0.5 and 0.8 per mille alcohol in the blood will be banned from driving for 3 hours and a fine between 25 and 500 euros. At more than 0.8 per mille, the driving ban increases to 6 hours and a fine of 200 to 2,000 euros. In the case of drunkenness, the public prosecutor will immediately withdraw the driver's license. That happened 4,683 times in 2011.

(Source: The newspapaer 2/7/2013)

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